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Based in Denver and founded in 1994, the Darling Minions have a unique musical style that is best described (in the words of a local critic) as "...a refreshingly creative twist on post-modern R&B/industrial sensibilities forged against a dynamic, rhythmic mesh of instrumentalization and supple vocals".

To those who think that local music is defined by the gentle 70s folk popularized by the late John Denver -- Think Again. Although not traditionally considered to be a "major player" in the entertainment industry, Denver, Colorado has a vibrant and thriving music scene with a multitude of nightclub venues and artists including not only soul, rock, and pop, but: blues, opera, bluegrass, and classical. The options can be mindboggling.

It was from this diverse background that Jamie Bran, Marley Kuyper, Lisa St. John, and Reeve Jones came together, first as record engineering interns at Happy Cappy Productions and later, as members of a music volunteer collective. Since the release of their 1995 EP Spatula, (and the follow-up albums, Darling Minions and wah wah) the Darling Minions have gained a substantial local and international following. As they bulldoze into new musical territory, Jamie, Marley, Lisa, and Reeve will continue to delight and enchant fans, critics, and fellow artists alike.

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