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The Darling Minions are striking back! They have filed (in conjunction with Happy Cappy's founder) a counterclaim against Donovan Maloney, a man who is claiming that the Darling Minions have based all of their released material on his one song from 1961. The court documents will be posted here soon, so check in often for updates on the progress of the court cases.

For more information regarding this suit, please feel free to read the background summary. The court documents will be posted soon, so please be sure to check back!

-- October 12, 1997

The Minions and Happy Cappy Productions are in negotiations for a multi-album deal. Although courted by two "major" record companies, the band members have decided that they would prefer to " with a smaller company that deals with us on a personal level." -- November 11, 1997

The Darling Minions have re-signed to Happy Cappy Productions! On the eve of their first major European tour (and on the birthday of HCP founder Anita Williams) Jamie, Marley, Lisa, and Reeve annouced that they had inked a new deal that not only allows them to stay with their record company of origin, but one that gives them the ultimate desire of every artist -- Complete Artistic Freedom! While the Minions have been able to "write their own ticket" the codification of such a deal is mostly unheard of in the music industry. Says Anita, "I have complete faith in this band and in their abilities. I would never wish to infringe upon their freedoms and I am more than happy to put it in writing." With their future secure, the Darling Minions are looking forward to starting their European tour and to sharing their experiences with you in a new journal format that will debut on February 6th!

-- January 5, 1998

As of January 10th of 1998, the court preceeding have been put on hold! While being deposed in this case, Mr. Maloney suffered an attack of the vapors and was hospitalized at Rose Medical Center. On his way to the hospital, the plaintiff claimed that the Darling Minions lawyer was ruthless and unkind -- leading to pain and suffering. From his hospital bed, Donovan Maloney has indicated that he is planning a lawsuit another lawsuit against the Darling Minions, their attorneys, the arbitration center, and the ambulance service which delivered him to the medical center. -- January 12, 1998

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