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Background Summary of Filed Complaint

A complaint was recently filed by Donovan Maloney (a self-described singer/songwriter/producer/artist/lyricist/musician) against the creator of Happy Cappy Productions and Goat d'Azure Records. He claims that Happy Cappy recording artists, the Darling Minions, have used his 1961 song "Hinky Dinky Love Man" (which peaked at #173 on the Hot List of Pop Singles) as the basis for all twenty-two (22) of their currently released songs.

Mr. Maloney is suing Anita Williams for loss of monies and for defamation of character. He claims that not only did Miss Williams cause him to lose royalties by allowing a band signed to her label to fradulently use his original material, but that she characterized his song as "...a whiny piece of crap that even Helen Keller would reject" and that she insinuated that he was inhaling a crystalline form of powdered cocoa leaves (i.e. "... is he smoking crack?").

Miss Williams denies vehemently that the band has based their entire body of work on Mr. Maloney's one song. As for her comments regarding the song "Hinky Dinky Love Man" and her characterization of the defendant's mental state, Miss Williams will only say that she cannot comment due to the advice of her attorney. However, Anita says that she looks forward to her day in court and believes that she and the Darling Minions will be vindicated.

As of January 10th of 1998, the court preceeding have been put on hold! While being deposed in this case, Mr. Maloney suffered an attack of the vapors and was hospitalized at Rose Medical Center. On his way to the hospital, the plaintiff claimed that the Darling Minions lawyer was ruthless and unkind -- leading to pain and suffering. From his hospital bed, Donovan Maloney has indicated that he is planning a lawsuit another lawsuit against the Darling Minions, their attorneys, the arbitration center, and the ambulance service which delivered him to the medical center.

Please check back to this page for a copy of the filed complaint as well as for the response filed by Miss Williams and the Darling Minions.

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